Two more requests

I was hoping that it would be possible to add an option to sort the rule list for both Defense+ and the Firewall. I am sure that this must have been requested before, but when you get over a hundred rules, looking for random entries to find one to edit is a pain and manually sorting new entries is sloooow.

Then, there is one other request: Defense+ needs the option to copy a rule set from another application or Predefined rule when choosing a custom rule. It exists for the Firewall and it would simplify rule editing for nit-pickers like me.

I’m not sure if you know but in the policy you can just start typing and it makes it easier to find the program you’re looking for,

ou type the location for example “c:\program…” etc you can just type c or whatever your drive letter is and it will give you a drop down list when you get the one you want just press enter and it will highlight it for you,

it’s easier than scrolling down the list.

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