Two Languages in one

Hi guys.

As the subject implies and my attachment shows I have a CIS with a little language mix up. :smiley:

My OS is in Spanish, but I installed CIS in English since Spanish is not in the languages list. :-TD

My CIS is working great (No TC though) and the only time I downloaded the language Spanish .Zip file and installed it was before I re-imaged my OS (image was before Spanish.Zip) ten days ago and installed clean CIS 3.12.xxxxx.560.

Any body else seeing this language behaviour.

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Don’t know why this thread has been moved to ‘Install / Setup / Configuration Help’. It’s an obvious bug and has already been reported multiple times. Maybe in CIS v4 it will be fixed.;msg269815#msg269815

Hi fOrTy_7.

Thank you for reporting it as a bug. I missed that report back in April in CIS 3.9. I do not recall seeing it in 3.9, 3.10 or 3.11 at least not in my comp.

Thank you again.

I do not know why it was moved as I asked the question as a feedback, and it is obvious a bug and not an installation or set up problem, but I do not mind since the post was answered.