two issues with antivirus


I use Comodo AntiVirus second day, and it’s looks nice, but two issues annoys me:

  1. I have WinVNC 3.xx installed, and on every computer startup Comodo blames me about WinVNC. Also, it does not allow me to run it. How can I assure Comodo that winvnc.exe is not a virus, but an useful application? :wink:

  2. I use secure authentication on my pop3 server. But it doesn’t work is “incoming email scan” enabled in Comodo.

Mozilla says:

Authentication works if I disable “incoming email scan”.

I found “Exclude” option, and added VNC to exclude list, but (third issue):

  1. Exclude dialog looks bad on 120 dpi. Screenshot:

Main settings dialog looks ok, while exclude dialog is not.
I use 1280x1024 display resolution with large fonts (120 dpi).

G’day shrimad and welcome to the forums.

The graphic distortions at 120DPI are known to Comodo and will be fixed in a future release.

CAVS2 currently doesn’t work with secure email logins or non-standard email ports. These have been added to the wishlist for the next beta release.

Ewen :slight_smile:

will be fixed in a future release

Thanks, panic!

And yet another, small, cosmetic, but very annoying issue: when CAVS loaded, mouse cursor changes from “arrow” to “wait” just for a moment every 5 seconds.
This blinking starts after several minutes as CAVS loaded.
Is it’s a known issue?