Two issues/anoyances cmdagent.exe/CIS

I am having a problem with cmdagent.exe, I was gone all day the computer set here on idle. I come home and start to play a game of AA3 I get like 3 rounds into a game and all of a sudden cmdagent.exe decides it wants to scan every .dll file on my system, scanning 9-10 million bytes of hardrive a second and 260,00 kb of ram. My ram should be loaded full of video game and my hardrive should be running at little as possible and cmdagent just hoses it all up, that sux. Worse yet even as admin I cant tell it do do it later or even to just go away. I have no choice but to let it scan and not enjoy my computer the program is so diligently protecting.

I hope I am just ignorant. Can I stop cmdagent from hosing up my gaming?

Also CIS / defence+ was blocking my C compiler (found it in log file) so I went through and set it and all it’s subfolders to safe.
Comodo said it was recognized it was safe. The compiler still could not compile to my mcu chip. However it was now not logging that it blocked any action or process. I turned off comodo and the program was able to compile to the chip. It really sux that comodo did not log what it blocked.

How can I prevent cmdagent from going mustang while I’m gaming?

Comodo has a game mode you can manually enable.

Also, do you mean that the antivirus engine started doing a scheduled scan? If so then what you can do is delete these scheduled scans. These can be found under Antivirus => Scheduled Scans.

I turned on the game mode while the scan was in progress, it was ineffective. (scan continued)
I am not sure if it was a scheduled scan. there was no window open with the cancel scan button that usually accompanies the scheduled scans. I couldn’t figure out how to stop it…

I just looked only scheduled scan is Saturday at midnight… I dunno looks like I posted at 3 somthing… Awful long if it was that scheduled scan… It definitely seemed like it started just after I began playing. First couple rounds where smooth anyway…

I realize cmdagent needs to be tenacious but it sure would be nice if it could be disabled completely while gaming, or compiling, etc…