two installs, still no web access

I’ve installed the software twice now, the second time after following the instructions in the FAQ to the letter. The only significant difference between the two attempts was that I was able to connect to my router and get e-mail after the second attempt.

As far as I can tell (using this: I have no DNS access after installing Comodo. I typed an IP address for ( into the address bar of Firefox, and I got an all-text page (no graphics or script elements). Same thing happened in IE.

If I change the “Security Level” slider to “Allow All,” nothing changes. If I exit Comodo, nothing changes. Basically, if Comodo is installed, I have no web access, period. I didn’t try stopping the Comodo service because I was fairly irritated with having wasted hours of my time.

If someone can suggest something that might help, I’m willing to give it one more shot. I’m not a newbie; if the software is this difficult for me to install and get working, I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be for someone who is. It’s attractive software, much more so than Sunbelt/Kerio PF, in my opinion, and it’s free, but if it doesn’t work, and fairly easily (especially since the comodo site describes it as “easy to install”), who cares?


Welcome to the forum.
It sounds like you have made a trusted zone, and scanned for known applications.
Do you have any blocks for svchost in application monitor?
You can try to go to security/advanced/misc and uncheck “do not show any alerts for apps certified by comodo” and raise the alert frequency to high/very high.
Reboot and see what alerts you are getting. svchost should be allowed.
You can also check the log in the firewall to see if something is getting blocked.

The logs reported that Firefox had access to the net, and I saw no blocks of svchost in the application monitor. (On the last install, anyway.)

See, the problem is that in order to do any of these things, I have to reinstall the software, check them, and then uninstall it in order to regain my web access and report back here. I have only one PC.

I’m not sure now that I really want to put any more time into this unless someone says “Oh, here’s your problem. Do ______., and that will fix it for sure.” Kerio, while ugly, at least seems to work.

So maybe I’ve wasted your time by posting. If so, I apologize for that…

Since it works for 99% of the users, there must be something wrong…
If you don’t want to find out what went wrong with your install, we’re maybe wasting our time.
There are a lot of users here that can help you if you want…
You could post your log so we can see what’s getting blocked.
Go to activity/logs and right click and export as html.
Copy and paste it in your log, or attach the file.