[i][b]Hi all;

I’m new here and would like some help / advice.

I recently had a few problems with the Comodo Personal Firewall. For two days it kept asking to download and install updates. I said yes everytime. I got tireed of this and did a downlaod and reinstall of teh firewall. But now I have two icons, insstead of the usual one, on the right side of my taskbar. Is there any way to combine them or get rid of one? If I click on either one they give methe same options. I’ve attached a screen cap for further help.[/b][/i]

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This is not an issue, one is Comodo lauch pad and is being taken out completely very soon. There is no harm, the one on the right is CPL left is firewall. This was implemented as an all in one browser type box for all your comodo products, news etc…but many don’t want it so it is getting taken out. With new release out, 2.3, if you don’t have it, get it and it has an option to not have CPL load at startup. Right click the launch pad and you will get the option to check\uncheck the box.



[i][b]Hi again;

I’m using Comodo What version will have this fixed?[/b][/i]

Ok, first right click launchpad icon, select options, uncheck start comodo launchpad.
This really isn’t a fix as it was never broken. More of an unwanted object I would say. :wink:
I believe they said the next update will allow this to be taken away. Knowing Comodo, not that long. :slight_smile:




Just to let you know the next update (2.3.5.*) is postponed to 07 September. From then you can download CPF without CLP. However, you will need to uninstall CLP if you don’t want it as the new setup won’t otherwise remove it.


Issue has been resolved. I’ll probably download the new version later on.