Two firewall downloads?

I’ve noticed that on your site, there is a standalone firewall download and CIS security free. They both contain the firewall and I would like to know: what is the difference between the firewall standalone and the firewall with CIS? Does the firewall in internet security do anything different or have more options then the one that is standalone? My mom has a new computer and I want to install Comodo firewall on it, but I don’t want to go with the standalone if it lacks features. Also, this probably won’t help, but I have Avast installed as the anti virus.

CIS is the full package that also includes the Comodo Anti-Virus scanner & local database. The standalone firewall is just the firewall, HIPS, Behavior Blocker/Sandbox that uses cloud lookup.

I wish they would maybe update the definition. ON the CIS one: they have malware blocker, but on the standalone firewall, there is no mention of a malware blocker.

Hi Rman87,
The Antivirus component and the Firewall component are both components of CIS, which can be used individually or combined to create CIS.
Note: Do not download them as individual components, if you want to use both.
Switch Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components (just AV or FW)-Comodo Help.

Look under the features tab to get a more defined description of each.

Kind regards.