Two false positives I believe

Heur.Packed.Unknown C:\WINDOWS\Unwash6.exe

This one belongs to the uninstall of windowwasher. I hope its ok, however it shouldn´t be clicked since it uninstalls erroneously if you choose “No”.

Unclassified Malware[at]7905100 C:\WINDOWS\system32\ActiveToolBand.dll

The process ActiveToolBand Module belongs to the software Acer eDataSecurity Management by HiTRUST.

Makes sense, I´m using an Acer laptop and have eDataSecurity, an encryptionprogram.

Hi hitchcockwarning.,

The FP you reported is under review.

It would be helpful if you submit the sample “C:\WINDOWS\Unwash6.exe”.

You can follow the link for submitting sample;msg256411#msg256411

Please also mention your product version and virus DB version.

Thanks and Regards.


CIS 1084

Its the latest .477 version. I cant mark and copy the productversionnumber with my mouse. Your CIS about popup doesnt allow it.

So, you dont want me to send the ActiveToolband.dll then?


Thankyou for your reporting of false positives and submission of files. We have confirmed it fixed. Please update your antivirus.