two disappointments: the Help bug is NOT fixed for weeks and SEARCH sucks!

Many of us reported that using the Help system crashs the Comodo Firewall in the current .268 32 bit version for XP, and a fix has been promised for WEEKS, but has not come. It is better NOT to promise than to promise and not deliver! It is better to apologize and say that you are WORKING on it!

Also the demand “BEFORE YOU SUBMIT ANY BUGREPORTS USE THE SEARCH TESTBOX IN THE DARK GREY AREA” is simply silly, as when I searched “Help” I got absolutely NO RESULTS from the search. Come on! That is simply a joke of a search system! You all know that HELP must appear many many times in the texts that are to be searched!

what version are you using?
all this was fixed in the latest version.

Melih, could you get someone to fix the search faciility for the Comodo Forums?

It is definitely BROKEN and has been so for quite some time now.


Search system seems to be a little improved now. Anyway even if doesn’t work correctly it would be muck better to develop the habit to search for existing topics.
So if the search provide meaningful results all feedback is gathered in one topic.