two days and so many questions

I’ve decided to keep comodo for the moment; I can see it is trying to do fire-walling slightly differently from other software firewalls, and its approach is intriguing and refreshing, although I’m still as confused as hell.

Some random questions:
Avira stopped me from even downloading these test files.
I let them through, and without running them I did a scan with defense+. It missed them.
Is that intentional? Or perhaps defence+ is much more a heuristic tool?

In ‘pending files’, whenever I lookup a file I get ‘error’. Does this mean it wasn’t recognised, or
does it mean the lookup failed?

When I submit pending files, they are ‘checked’ ok, whatever that means, but then fail to upload.

In pending files, I get quite a few files like:
What are they? What do I do with them?

In ‘cleanPC’ mode, when I have 100 pending files, I quickly check that they’re all to do with programs that I trust, and click ‘remove’. But I still don’t understand what happens to them:

  • Are they marked as ‘trusted’, or are they untrusted until they’re used again and cause a popup?
  • If trusted, are they given a ‘profile’ like the other programs (listed in the computer security policy)?

I have the following programs which, during their normal function, create folders and files:
Power Archiver
FTP client
video convertor
download manager

How do I stop getting popups each time a program wants to create a temp folder and put something in it? Should I be setting these program profiles as ‘trusted’?

After installing trusted software in cleanPC mode, is it acceptable to:
go to safe mode → apply → go back to clean PC mod → apply
The point being to incorporate the new software as a ‘safe’ program, so that its behaviour can be learned automatically without popups?



No one person needs to answer all these questions, but if someone knows the answer to one of them, I’d really appreciate an explanation or advice. They’re numbered for reference purposes.