Two BOClean programs running on startup (Resolved)

Hi, I have just installed BOClean and when I restarted the computer BOClean has loaded up twice. This happens each time I start the computer. They act like two separate programs and I can easily close one, it’s just annoying having to do that each time.

I am running Windows XP with McAfee security centre 2007.

I’d appreciate any suggestions with this

How many times has BOC been installed?
I’ve seen this before when I’ve forgotten to shut BOC down before uninstalling prior to installing a new version.
You might look at the BOC install folder and see if there is more than one BOC4.23.exe (or BOC4.22.exe if it was an upgrade).

Installation of Comodo BOClean FAQ,8442.0.html

Hi cat,

I haven’t had a previous version, this is the first time I have installed it. I checked the program folders and there is only one program there.

I have run msconfig and found that there the BOC423 program was listed in the startup twice, I have unticked one and now only one is running, I dont know if this was the best way to do this as I am unsure of msconfig

Was it listed as starting from :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run ?
If the key is redundant you may want to delete one of them in your registry editor.
All normal backup warnings apply. ;D

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yes, but you would need to retick the item in “msconfig”/“startup” before deleting the regkey in:


here is a link for a simple program that you can use to manage items in “startup”… use the “stand-alone” version:

i thought that the problem might be being caused by having two regkeys in “startup”…

Thanks very much for all your help, it seems to be working now :BNC