Two applications with the same name in different folders

I have two versions of an application installed in different folders.

It looks like Comodo is only monitoring one of the executables, or the application settings apply to both executable versions.

I can’t remember if I got pop-up alert for both apps when they tried to connect/receive from the internet.

I’ve looked in “Application Monitor”, and I can only see a TCP/UDP In and TCP/UDP Out for one of the executables. The other version of the application is connecting to the internet, but I can’t see the application monitor rules to make changes.

I am also worried that sometimes I get popup alerts saying that an application is trying to connect to the internet, but it seems to sometimes report the wrong application. This is what prompted me to look at the Application Monitor settings. I ran an application called TrayIt that tried to connect to the internet using my browser, but the top half of the Comodo popup reported a different application (I suspect it finds another running application that also launches the same browser); the bottom half reported that another application was trying to connect.

Had these same alerts myself on occasion. Last night I minimized an application then opened firefox and got the alert that so and so was trying to do a nasty to firefox. I have allow rules for the programs in question to use firefox. Seems to happen to me if I minimize or close to tray and then load firefox straightaway. Odd little quirk but then it’s only occasional.


Application Behavior Analysis. That’s where these types of alerts are generated. It’s not strictly a “false alarm”, but it’s generally benign. It occurs because of the way that applications communicate “behind the scenes.” This can even happen after an application has been closed. Apparently there is potential that a virus can generate a command to be run in the future, so just because something isn’t open doesn’t mean it can’t cause problems. The general rule of thumb is that if you know both applications in question, you can safely allow. It’s when you don’t know both…

Comodo has also stated that if both applications are on the safelist, and you still have the safelist enabled (ie, “Do not show alerts for applications certified by Comodo” under Security/Advanced/Misc), you won’t see these alerts. The current safelist is apparently only about 2% of the size that will be released with version 3, so these popups may largely go away…