Two AntiVirus Programs Running

I have just been told that I may have problems running CIS (3.8.64739.471) with AVG free because you cannot run two antivirus programs on the same pc. But I have been running both these programs for over 9 months now and except for an update problem with .477, I have had no other problems at all. Infact I was not even aware that CIS includes an antivirus program, as far as I was concerned it was only a firewall and defence+.

So my question is does CIS include an antivirus program, and if so why does it not include a regular scan like other AV programs.

I am a novice when it comes to pc security and I have got a feeling someone is winding me up here.



When you installed CIS, did you check the option to also install the AV?
I don’t think you have the AV. There should be a tab “Antivirus” on top of the COMODO interface between “Summary” and “Firewall”.

Hi FaZio93.

It was so long ago that I forgot I had a choice. What a bloody dummy I am, talk about embarassing :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

Thanks for the info



As for the two AVs, it’s not a good idea to have two AVs in real time scanning mode. It’s quite alright to have one AV actively scanning, and have another installed with no real time functions, used only for on demand scans.

Well…do you have an AV tab on your CIS interface?

Hi Mike

Welcome to my world, I have been running two AVs for a while right now. To me it is quite OK to run two AVs. When someone tells me that I cannot run two AVs, my only question to that person is: who says so?. I have been trying a lot of combos. Most of them works and there are those which did not work.

For those which did not work, they did not work not because it is bad to run two AVs for fear of conflicts; some did not work because some AV companies code their software intentionally to conflict with competitive products. In conclusion it is not about Avs conflicts, it is all about economics and the demise of the competition.

Currently I’m running CIS with BitDefender Antivirus 2009 with no problem. Tonight I will try Outpost Security Suite 2009 with the new version of Avira, Avira 9 free.


Sorry, no I don’t. Thats what I meant when I said I remember now having the choice not to download it with the rest of CIS.

Thanks for your help