Two annoying things about the Firewall that I wish were changed

Over the past few years, I’ve had good experience with Comodo firewall and certainly appreciate Comodo’s work As a user of the advanced view (or whatever it’s called), there are two functional things I wish were changed:

  1. When a permission box comes up, the upper circle (allow or similar) is the default. Often, though, I want to take a look at my choices in the main one, the one that includes install/update and typically has either 3 or 5 options, without committing myself to any of them. What’s annoying is that as soon as one uses the drop-down menu, the choice is switched to that circle. Since at least half or more of the time there are only three choices and I don’t want any of them, it’s necessary to reclick on the top circle. I wish the choice of option (circle) to take were left to me, independent of my looking at the options.

  2. When install/update is chosen, a dialogue box comes up to confirm it. While I really don’t need that, I can live with it if necessary (how about a non-confirm setting?). However, what’s annoying is that box comes up in the middle of the screen, well away from the Firewall’s pop up down by the sys tray in the lower right, where my mouse pointer is. I’d much prefer to minimize mouse (and hand/arm/shoulder) motion. For the one later that closes that function, I’d also prefer it in the lower right, but that is less important than the initial one.

You have to be joking, right? O_o

What you request is user preference. Realize that the COMODO UI application is designed due to popularity, so in other words, the reason why the COMODO application does not load where you prefer it to be is because your vote and preference is only a minority. The vast majority (i.e. the Programmers and designers of COMODO) prefer otherwise notably.

P.s. If you are that determined you could always learn how to code yourself and change a few settings.
Hint: Try searching in a .INI file within the COMODO directory.

Always do a backup of any file that you are going to modify. 88)

Note: Everytime COMODO updates you will lose any modifications you may of done, so make sure to do a backup of the modified INI (or any dll). Just make sure that you don’t overwrite a vital code. Only change the code where and how it opens up (do not overwrite).

Cheers. [_]8

Earth to Aberrant! Your point amounts to the following: the program is popular, therefore my wishes are a minority, with the vast majority being programmers and designers who obviously prefer it another way.

I notice that you don’t address my first wish, the one that’s obviously far and away the most important and affects the vast majority of users of the program daily.

So? What does that have to do with where it’s placed?

Once again, my main point was about the main gamut of permission boxes and how they operate.

If your any good in drawing or photoshop, I would love to see what you have in mind :slight_smile:

You need a drawing to tell the difference between the middle of the screen and something close to where Comodo comes up in the sys tray?

This is bizarre. My original post has been sitting there uncommented on for nearly four weeks and in the past two days has elicited three, uh, weird responses, about a relatively minor matter. Maybe that’s the catch-22 of my first wish.

Thanks for the improvement suggestions , genegold.

Please be aware that however many seemingly irrelevant comments are made, Comodo developers do watch these threads. They may not choose to comment, but history shows they do make note.

From my own perspective, I’m not as interested in your first item as the second. I do like the idea of not having to move the mouse pointer to the middle of the screen to respond to the Install Mode popup.

Tnx again,


Eh, though it may seem that I disagreed with the OP, I must state I do not. I agree to the suggestions too. I just find it unlikely COMODO will change how and where it opens up. 88)

I’m with genegold on this one!

I think the installation mode dialog should go away.

It only stands to reason that if I tell it to treat an installer as an installer/updater that I would also like to enter installation mode. I really can’t think of any reason I would want to treat something as an installer/updater and not want to enter installation mode.

It would be nice to get a notification that CIS has switched to installation mode, but you don’t need to ask me because I’ve already told you what I want to do.

I agree with the number 1, COMODO needs to do a better guess of what the application is doing and offer more choices than when the 3 options are displayed, I also sometimes see than none of the 3 fit the direction the program is taken and I can’t that to comodo, I need to ‘Allow’ with ‘Remeber my Choice’ and then change it manually later.

The number 2 is just pure laziness unless you’re physically impaired.

Had forgotten about this - not the subject - but got a notice today that the thread had been moved.

It seems to me that point 1, about the way the firewall picks up on the choices and forces users back and forth to make them, is far and away the most frequently encountered. I take your reply as either individually idiosyncratic or representing a serious insensitivity to users on the part of Comodo.

Point 2 is, I’ve suspected since, a feature of Windows - all pop ups go to center screen - and thus I’m not sure how much Comodo can control it.