Two accounts in Outlook Express: Cannot use second digital certificate


I have two different user accounts set up in Outlook Express and after I installed in one account a digital certificate I could not install it into the other account. (:AGY)

No problem (so I thought (:NRD) ), started up the backup PC, copied the email notifying of downloading the certificate. Tried to install - (:SAD) unfortunately I got same error message: Already installed (but it ain’t (:AGY) )

Q: When requesting a digital certificate one gets prompted for a revoke password (just in case it is compromised) Where do i revoke the certificate?

Q: Is it possible to install two certificates in OE?

Q: How to get the email adress reset so that I can request a certificate again?

Thank you

A: You e-mail and they will do it for you.

A: Not sure I use Thunderbird

A: Your certificate is valid for 1 year after you applied for it, you will be able to request another certificate for that e-mail address when the current certificate you have expires.