Twitter Widget


Under Dragon - Windows 8, Twitter Widget are not displaying on Websites.

I have navigated to various Websites and faced the same exact issue.

With IE, Firefox, Opera it is working fine. I tried with Android (chrome) and iPad (opera) and worked well.

Any comments or suggestions?

Try going into the options/settings for PrivDog (the extension introduced in 27.2) and change “3rd Party Widgets” from “Block” to “Allow” if that doesn’t work then try temporarily disabling PrivDog to see if that fixes the problem, if not then you can re-enable PrivDog and we’ll know that PrivDog is not the issue.

The issue is PrivDog

When disable, Twitter Widgets are working. Assessed directly on so I officially confirm the issue.
Good catch :azn:!

Is the issue fixed by changing “3rd Party Widgets” to “Allow” instead of “Block”?


Alright, from the previous post I was not sure whether you disabled the option or the extension. Glad it’s working now.