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Hey guys was reading reviews from Wilders Security forums on a new boy thats has hit the west (It’s made in China)
Before you guys think, “Oh no it’s made in China” perhaps you should check it out, I have to say it has pretty amazing detection abilities…And the speed is incredible.
For me, this is the fastest scanner I’v ever used.

Here is also the link to where Wilders are discussing this program;

MCAfee site adviser flags this is an undesirable site and so to do SOME other advisor’s\web guards. Though I can promise you this site is fine.

You pay a 1 time fee, it then lasts you a life time :slight_smile: it’s only $30… What the?..
Trial for 90 days registration code = 8BB5-F475-576B-41D1-1881

I have acquired my own malware sample as of today, as well as downloading a few virus from limewire. here are the results with SOME pictures.
Tuesday 24th June

Total = Twister: 98.13%
Nod32: 96.02%

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I’d like to add that its behavior detection\huer is really powerful and will produce alot of false positives. I’m using MAX settings here. The false positives aren’t really a problem if you know what your doing, Just click “TRUST” and it won’t clean\delete the file. You can also submit the file to their base server to be checked and From what I’v read they usually get a fix within 24 hours for the false positive o.O

Tell me your thoughts and opinions on TWISTER!

I have some malware samples on the computer, so I’ll post some results.
Done a scan with 23573 virus samples, and here’s the result (however, I can’t guarantee that all of them really are viruses):

Scanned items: 23922
Detected: 3791
Detection rate: ~16%

Upon uninstallation, a buffer overflow is detected in explorer.exe.


If it came from Wilders I would not trust it nor would I ever install a no name brand new guy av on my pc. Stick with proven protection. Avira,NOD32,KAV,G Data.Avast.

Interesting results Vivi.

Vettetech, I agree. I’d wait until it gets tested by av-comparatives.

You guys are making assumptions, and I wish that you do not. “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”

They are making moves to be included within AV-Comparatives and if they don’t make it into next test they are planning on being single product tested.

I can’t really rely on the %test if your using innocent files in the mix.

What does it matter if it is discussed on wilders? The funny thing is I actually heard of COMODO because of wilders. It’s the same program no matter where it is discussed. New guy AV on your pc… What about the new CAVS coming out? yet I’v seen you are willing to try it (I’v read your posts that you plan on giving it a trial )

I’m not trying to attack anyone, or any thing I’m just interested on peoples views and opinions on this AV.
I mean seriously, you can’t tell whether a book is good or not by simply looking at the cover of it which is what a few of you seem to be doing now.

Isn’t Wilders a fanbase for Nod32? lol.

I read about this Antivirus and reviews are acctually pretty good. But it also said that it provides lots of false positives and is difficult to uninstall :slight_smile:

Thanks Commodus, Yeah I don’t think that some of these guys are giving it a fair run. Personally I haven’t had any problems uninstalling - Alot of false positives, mainly with cracked software and Keygens though. lol

We’ll see if it becomes a true player. ;D Lets watch for now :slight_smile:

But if it works for you Kyle, than it’s great. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it :smiley:

I said that some of them might not be viruses, as I haven’t run every single of them. But Kaspersky detects almost all of them, so most of them are viruses, but there might be a very small chance that there’s a few ones that aren’t. But as I said, I haven’t run them, so therefore I can’t guarantee that all of them are viruses.


I never said I would try CAVS. Show me the post. I have alsio used either Avast,NOD32 or Avira. I cannot afford to try just any av cause I download tons of stuff all the tome. Dr.Web Curit is also a good program. AV Comparatives isn’t the only site that tests av’s. I found Comodo years ago with version 2.4 by simply Goggling best/top firewalls. I did not find it through Wilders which is actually a NOD32 help forum.

Ok guys, Can we please keep to the topic of what your personal experience with this AV is.

How come Twisters scanning windows are the same as Comodo’s malware scanners ? 88)

Huh? sorry I don’t get what you mean I can’t see comodo\twisters resemblances with scanning windows

It looks kinda familiar ;D

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lol Yeah it does look SORTA the same… :stuck_out_tongue:

Those “bugs” are the same for sure ;D

Btw - the more I read the more good reviews of this antivirus I get. 88) Intresting: It’s cheap, very light, detects baddies very good (some say that it’s on par with Avira :)) But this AV was here from 2004 ! :o Why we haven’t heard about it ? Chinese Secrets ? 88)

I thought I read that it was created in 2001? I’m probably wrong. Yeah I know :0 I have only read good reviews of the program. I doubt that it will get the VB100, because of the false positives… Should go well on detection though :slight_smile:

I’m installing it right now on my test laptop. I’ll see what this sucker can do ;D

LOL… Same here!!