tweetdeck sandboxed fails starting

I don’t have CIS installed right now, had it two days ago and will give it a shot again when 4.1 is out. So I cannot troubleshoot what I’m reporting here. But I thought it was still worth posting it.

Okay, tweetdeck (external app for tweeter as you can imagine) requires Adobe Air to run. And the message when attempting to launch it sandboxed with the default sandbox settings is that adobe air is not found. I could run the whole through Avast5 sandbox so that’s doable. I don’t know what the issue is in CIS…dependencies not processed etc…so this was on the latest version of CIS (no AV) 4.0.141842.828 on Windows Seven 64 bit.

involved applications:

ps: there’s of course no way to start adobe air separately, it’s got to start automatically with an “adobe air” app.