tweaknow powerpack 2010,

tweaknow powerpack 2010.i just wondered if anybody has heard of this program?
is it good or bad?

many thanks. ???

Never heard of it

What do you like about it or basicly what caught your eye to it :slight_smile:

hi jay.
just google it and see what you think.
it does seem to be a handy and useful little program to have.
it was a recommended product from a IT engineer who does you tube videos.
although im not a great lover of registry cleaners it does have some other useful utilities aboard.
there are that many cleaners out there that i dont really trust any of them to be honest.

kind regards and thank you for the reply.

I’ve using it.
The cleaner feature was bad.
But tweaking tool are advanced and useful.

Nothing whatsoever is special about the said Tool

I would stay away.
2009 edition was more stable. Current one can be a big trouble
Sure … not as big as Comodo’s Cleaner ( which is a complete disaster) … but still…
(Reflecting your post here)

Cleaning of Registry was discussed thousands of times here & in other places – not needed for ordinary users ever especially on Win 7

At the same time I’m a Reg-cleaning freak , but that is because I do install/uninstall/update/testing hundreds of Applications within a month

You have to use a decent Cleaners in this case ( I have 3 ore 4 trusted ones … posted before)

In any case all Utilities that the Suite in question is offering are available, free & proven to be reliable

After testing the stuff here – the only advice is – just do not use it – use decent working solutions

My regards

p.s. and yeah – no problems whatsoever with the the very soft CCleaner neither on XP 32bit for ages nor on Win 7 x64 since early betas ever!
You have to be “very not experienced” not knowing what you are doing at all & using it on a a very non-regular basis in order to make any damage … that is practically impossible!
Increasingly easy though to make any system a complete goner using Comodo’s CSC - it takes no time

hi syberlynx,
you mention 3 or 4 trusted registry cleaners.
which ones are those?


Eusing is one of the better registry cleaners but really they are a waste of time, practically nothing is gained from using them (unless you have a specific issue), infact you have the potential to do more harm.
If you do decide to dabble in reg cleaners at least make a back up with Erunt.

Wise registry cleaner is a free one which works on 64Bit 7 and doesn`t mess in the wrong places.

CCleaner all the way for me, “tweaking” for 7 is just not needed anymore, allthough the people who produce these types of product will claim all sorts of things…

hello matty.
ive had a bad experience with a registry cleaner before and to be honest i dont trust them.
ive never had any problems with ccleaner.ive used the registry cleaner and it operates just fine.
i sometimes go into the registry myself and look for entries that should not be there.

many thanks.

1st of all - indeed ! very wise & true !

1) There are different users. Most of them will never understand what is a Registry as a whole & especially the particular Entries
2) What are those “different” users? Well, as far as I know most users just need their PCs for a particular reason – they got a system; set up basically several Applications required … and that is mainly “IT” (including the fact that most of them will never bother even to update/upgrade those. Say, they use some Accounting Software / Excel or alike & Word processing. Done! For the life span of a PC and/or current OS, which is constantly decreasing – those users are fine. That would be even stupid to suggest using any Reg Cleaner to such category of users
3) Then there are users who do understand something about computers & those who are installing/uninstalling/testing/ updating/upgrading …on a daily basis.
In this case it’s better to take care of the Registry
4) few cleaners I am using :

  • well known CCleaner for a very sort cleaning basically daily after installs / uninstalls etc.
  • RegSeeker for more thorough cleaning ~ once a month. This one will find ~ 1000 entries, but if you miss a month or two – there will be ~ 12000 -17000 entries of rubbish
    RegSeeker comes with the special filter exclude.lst in order to be less aggressive. You can read about it in the respective forum. The development of the filter was stopped as far as I know, but what is in place is quite enough
  • another one is TrashReg. This one is capable of deleting so called Null Value entries and it is doing better job in this area than RegDelNull by SysInternals. Again that is necessary to read what that means.
    5) If you search this forum for “Registry Clean” you will find few others that some experienced users suggesting like Auslogics & JV16
    You have to try them and find what is more appropriate for your needs , sure keeping in mind that you have some experience already with such dangerous place as Registry
    Definitely you have to address such issue as a platform. Some of the cleaners may not be as good yet on x64 (ask respective forums)
    6) another thing to mention is RegScanner by Nirsoft – the best one for searching. Actually recently an ability to delete entries was added
    7) Always good to have ERUNT for backups & optimisation… forgot that Matty_R mentioned that :slight_smile:

My regards