tvnserver.exe? unit.exe?

I have noticed that 3 new programs have been running that I was unfamiliar of after updating Comodo Firewall. These 3 new programs are tvnserver.exe, unit.exe and unit_manager.exe. Tvnserver.exe can be traced from Comodo. I also decided to look up tvnserver.exe and the results came up as potentially a virus. As for unit.exe and unit_manager.exe, I can not open up properties or their file location which makes me quite suspicious. Are these suppose to come along with the Comodo Firewall? I would also like to know what purposes these programs have for Comodo. Thank you.

Hi xKor,
Did you unintentionally install Comodo GeekBuddy/LiveSupport?
Check Control panel Add & Remove Programs (Programs & Features).
Uninstall if not required.