TV Firewall, Security Needed!

Not sure where to ask this so…

Security for TVs on the internet?

Got new TV and it has apps, can go on any website url, can do facebook, amazon, youtube, type in url for any website.

So I ask the company (Hisense), what about antivirus, firewall, any security? NONE!!! I email the app store and have not heard back.

I searched internet and cant find any security for TVs, but I see articles from as far as 5 years ago saying TVs are being hacked and how dangerous it is and how security is needed!!!

So, what do you make to do this?

This seems crazy there is none. Its like when I got a tablet a couple years ago, and the guy at Staples said, “Oh you dont need any antivirus or firewall on a tablet because it is Android!” NO wonder there is so much hacking and info stealing out there. Same with phones. “Oh that’s a phone, you dont need…”

We need something for TVs, right?

Interesting question :). I’ve also wondered the same with all these “smart” technologies (not so smart I think). I would imagine they are not so open or vulnerable like PC’s and running some kind of Linux gives some relief but as these devices become more popular in homes, I can see more people (hackers) attacking this type equipment. I guess in the future, more modules/protection will be added to the hardware/router (if not done already) which will protect everything within. Mobile phones/tablets scare the hell out of me as I feel they don’t receive the same level of protection as desktops.