tutorial for Comodo 3?

Is there somewhere some good tutorial for the new Comodo 3, please?
Thanks in advance

Hi Zippo.

Not yet, I’m afraid, but it’s due for final release in a few days, so I’m sure a tutorial/FAQ will follow shortly thereafter :slight_smile:

Is there a way to cleanly remove V2.4 before installing V3 as I dont want to remove V2.4 and then find I cant install V3 properly, pity you cant just update the existing program as I had a hard time configuring the existing one

ps is this new version going to have updates from time to time to enable it to allow and deny based on a whitelist and a blacklist?

Hi sanctuary24.

I understand your concern, my advice would be to use Add/Remove programs to uninstall 2.4, then if you wish to make certain, search the HD for any traces of comodo, also the registry. remove anything you find.

As for updates, it has been stated that V3 will be getting lots more goddies down the line, so it’s certainly going to be active :slight_smile:

Thank you Toggie and have anice day :slight_smile:

ps will someone be making a thread (a sticky) devoted to making the transition from V2.4 to V3 and how to configure it (for people who lack the technical knowledge)

Good suggestion :slight_smile:

I’m sure we’ll come up with something :slight_smile: