Turning off update check


I’ve installed the portable version and I wonder if there is a way to turn off the update check when the browser is launched ? In the Settings it says “Portable version can’t install updates automatically. You will be notified when updates are available.” but I see no option to turn this check and notification off.

Hi Sixtyfour,
There is no way to disable the notification (When browser is launched) for updates with installed or portable.
Maybe this is something you would consider adding to the wishlist.

Silent (Automatic) updates are not possible with the portable, but you can manually update it by accepting the notification Download, then Relaunch and Install.

Alternative check Menu About Comodo Dragon to get the same options to install the latest.


Thank you captainsticks, I’ll add my wish to the list. :slight_smile:

And STILL no solution? 88) Come on Comodo. I love this browser but these reminders really are annoying. >:(

My old and tired p.c. can not handle the latest version, so I’m happy with the version I have, OK? Turn OFF the reminders PLEASE???

Thank You! :-TU

Hi Twiggster,
The ability to disable the update notification has been implemented from Version 23 onwards.
Previous versions are what they are.
Dragon V23

OK - thanks for the fast reply. Guess I’m stuck with it them :frowning:

Hi Twiggster,
I have one very old system that works OK with the latest version, unless you are talking mega versions back the current is no heavier than previous versions IMO.

It is entirely your call of course, but I would recommend giving the current version a try even if you only try the portable version for testing it out on your system.
You can have multiple portables installed.
Note: Caution to keep your current portable intact be certain to select a separate destination folder, failing to do so will result in your current portable being overwritten.
Portable version help
Dragon V23.4

Hi! new, appreciative user of Comodo here! I prefer to use the portable version for useful and important reasons. I installed it recently and it’s version 27 (‘Version (portable)’), yet my ‘Enable automatic updates’ box is still greyed out. Any idea why this might be - did it really get implemented from v23 on?

Thanks for your help :).

Hi and welcome Connive,
Silent automatic updates are not available with the portable version, but you do still get notified of an update with the option to skip the update since V23. (Screenshot)

Kind regards.

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oh, sorry I got a little mixed up.

What I’m looking for, is a way to disable what I feel is an annoying notification, since after all, it’s a bit cumbersome to update this portable version (and I’d rather do it manually every now and then :).) It’s a bit like annoying Windows update notifications, I prefer manual gears than automatic :P.

So the problem is, you said ‘The ability to disable the update notification has been implemented from Version 23 onwards.’

Where would be the setting to disable these annoying notifications? Cos all I can see under the greyed out box (which yes, is correct, derp), is ‘You will be notified when updates are available.’…This is what we all want to be disabled as an option :).


Hi Connive,
Choose ‘Skip this update’ in the screenshot, this setting is then automatically stored in Dragons user preferences file until another update is issued.
You can override this by manually checking for updates in Dragon about.

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Thanks captainsticks, that was helpful.

Hmmmm… So if you don’t update (and, until you do so), can I confirm with you that you won’t get notified EVER again once you click that ‘skip’ button? Or, does it annoyingly still notify you when there’s an ‘even newer’ version now issued upon the earlier new one you originally got notified of? (This is crucial.)

If the former, well this is pretty satisfying, but you know, it will still come back every time you update your (portable) browser manually.

(And if the latter, well then, this is not good, and from v23 onwards it doesn’t ‘disable the update notification’ as you say - it merely turns off the current new version’s one off until an even newer revision comes out…)

Again it’s about the principal, some of us power users want to be in complete control of our updating and this notification, even if it only happened 3 times a year (maybe that’s how often one would manually update Comodo - some people are conservative with updating or good reasons), it’s still not getting rid of a future annoyance you know is going to intrude on your browsing window in the future with this really annoying bar, so doesn’t really provide a full peace of mind. There IMO needs to be a permanent setting stored in the files (that you can copy over or re-tick when you update), to turn it off ‘forever’ :).

Hope it can happen!

Either way, really like Comodo. Especially its DNS feature!

Hi Connive,
Using the word ‘disable’ instead of ‘skip’ was an mistake on my part, sorry. :-[
It will only skip the current new version, and once a newer version comes out you will be notified again.

If you would like to completely disable the notification permanently and not just skip, this sounds like something for the wishlist.
Wishlist - CD
IMPORTANT: Wishlist guideline