Turning off the application monitor

I know little or nothing about firewalls so please do excuse my ignorance.
So here is my problem. I was unable to access my msn email; msn indicated I was not online. So I went to the Comodo Firewall and trurned off the application monitor and bingo I then had msn access. MSN was listed in the application monitor list. So with the monitor application off, what does this exactly mean?
Does this mean that I have no firewall protection? If it needs to be on, how can I
insure that I have access to msn.

Thanks for the help.


Hi Barry & welcome. :slight_smile:

Since you refer to the Application Monitor, I suppose you have CFP version 2.4? Thus I moved your topic here. If I’m wrong we’ll move it again.

With the Application Monitor (AM) off, you loose outbound protection - you won’t be able to allow/block programs to access the internet. I recommend you turn it on. As for your MSN problem, I’m not familiar with the program, so I’m not sure how to help you. A general question though, would be: have you accidentally blocked the program and as a consequence created a rule in AM? Please check the list to see if MSN is there.


I have a similar problem, except I cannot access the internet at all. I have checked the AM list and there are only “allow” entries. Earlier I had the same problem but there was a block entry for iexplorer so I deleted it and my internet worked again. Not the case this time.

I need the same help as original poster. ???

Since you’re here now, does that mean that you can access the internet when shutting down CFP?


ps. welcome to the forum :slight_smile: