Turning Off File Submission

When CAVS finds a questionable file, the popup dialog keeps changing. Even though I un-check “Send to Comodo for Evaluation”, the next time it finds a questionable file, it’s re-checked.

I would like a way to globally disable the “send file to Comodo” feature, because 99.9% of files Comodo hits on are innocent files. It won’t be a problem to manually send an occasional file that is truly questionable. Is there a way to disable file sending?

Maybe a right-click menu item on the tray icon to “automatically accept all files for the next 10 minutes” or similar, so I can install known safe programs without being bombarded. And there is just no use in sending files from MS Office to Comodo for evaluation. 88)

I really like CAVS. I think it’s going in the right direction, and will be a fine, usable product. Many thanks to the Comodo team! :BNC

In HIPS settings, if I remember correctly, there is an option to disable automatic file submission. I cant attach a screenshot as I am now using a new pc with vista so had to remove CAVS until a new vista compatible version is out.

Thanks for the reply. Tried the setting, works so far.

Sorry for the slow response, been out of pocket. Many thanks!