Turning Off Comodo Firewall For Specific Gamming Session [RESOLVED]

Well this is probably answered elsewhere but everytime I use “google” I get articles relating to Windows firewall.

I’m trying to play War Rock, which of course is extremely unstable and crashes more than Evel Knievel. On their forums it is suggested you turn off as many security applications as possible.
Long and short of it is, can I turn off CFP while I’m playing this game? What are the vulnerabilities
I will be explosing my system too, if any? I will only turn it off for the game session.


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Hi Irish_Sean

If you disable CFP by setting CFPs Security Level to “Allow All”, then you are wide open (just like you don’t have a firewall). This is not something that I would recommend. Worse still, you’ll be playing a game & be completely distracted (assuming the games doing its job). Awful idea.

Check out Portforward’s Comodo Set-ups here, they have Warrock listed… which I assume is the the same thing. They detail what you need to do to run the game successfully. But, do not disable CFP. Someone should post into that forum saying what terrible idea that is & pointing out that this should not extend to firewalls.

Thanks kail,
I figured it wasn’t the smartest thing to do(under statement), so I didn’t turn it off, and the linky you gave looks really helpfull I’m working my way through it now.

No problem, glad I could help. I’ll close this topic & mark it as [RESOLVED]. If you need it reopened just send a Personal Message to either myself or any other Moderator. Thanks.