Turning off CIS Virus scan during backup

While doing system backups I see that CIS is constantly doing what I suspect is a virus scan of the backup data being sent to my NAS system.

Is there any way to stop the scan on a target specific device? For my system a full backup with CBU is twice as fast as Acronis, however it still takes about 12 hours

I always do a full system scan before backup and it does not take anywhere near the 12 hours


I use acronis with boot backup [F11 thing before windows] and no problems.

Norton ghost 15 on Win7 64bit, full system backups, with or without antivirus, always take 50 minutes. I would think it’s not that Comodo is scanning every file that Acronis backs up, rather it’s scanning the Acronis backup process itself excessively.

I’M backing up a 1TB drive Win7 64bit Professional with 8GB memory and an Intel I7 Quad core and I’m talking in hours not minutes. Are you backing up to disk? I’m going to a Netgear ReadyNAS NV via a 1GB lan.