turning off autoupdate, is it possible?

Is it possible to turn off auto updates for the AV? Ive turned off all auto update features, since I like to do it myself, yet the AV still seems to automatically update itself. I figure its updating itself since when using manual updates, there has not been one released in over a month. Is this a bug, or is it not possible to prevent the AV from updating itself despite my disabling the option?

Last program update for CIS App was 29th October, .427. Sorry it’s not possible to turn of Automatic updating for the AV, it’s not a bug. You can disable Program updates though in Miscellaneous.

Reason why is because - You’re AV is the 2nd most important Detection real time thing on your PC, Where every average user has one with over a million virus signatures, so you need to be constantly updated, 2nd because Prevention is now your first line of Defense thanks to Defense+. Also updates for the AV will happen every 3 hours, hopefully soon, So it would be a pain to press the manual update every few hours. :slight_smile: Currently CIS does 24 hour updates, But hourly soon. :wink:

Hope this clarifies.


I hope those smileys mean you are joking. I think even once a day is too often, but I can live with it. But there is no way I would use a program that called home more often than that.

Actually, there are probably hundreds of new malwares being created every hour. It is necessary for the database to be updated that often or more. Most other AVs have updates every few hours and COMODO will be there soon.

IMO though, COMODO should make an option for disabling database auto updates because some people have been complaining about it and have their personal preferences.

Oh, please. There are thousands of new kinds of bacteria mutating every hour, but you don’t go to the doctor and get a new shot every hour. You wash your hands, and you don’t drink out of puddles.

I define “malware” as any program that does something I don’t want it to do, and can’t easily be prevented from doing so without removing it. And removing it is exactly what I will do to any program that hijacks my internet connection, for any reason, several times a day. I predict you will find that this policy greatly lowers your user base, so it will be counterproductive to your stated goal of making the internet safer.

I would think that AVG’s recent problems would show you that one mistake will cost you a large percentage of your user base, even if your product is free, and mostly works. Every time you issue an update, you are taking a chance that it is bad. If your new virus signatures cause a necessary system program to be deleted, the kind of user who cheerfully accepts hourly updates as good for him will be totally clueless as to what happened, and there is no way you can afford to hire enough people to carefully check hourly updates.

Anyway, thanks for the heads up; I’ll remove Comodo while my PC is still working.

LOL seriosly tonysin how often does it happen that it is a bad sig that is released?

AVG’s faulty sig update is the first major thing that i have ever heard about regarding faulty sig updates!

So that it would happen soon again is not likely the case.

You say following: “And removing it is exactly what I will do to any program that hijacks my internet connection”

That’s true, BUT if you got a AV with UP TO DATE signatures, that threat will not even get inside your computer since the AV will protect your computer IF it’s allready in the Virus database!

But if you don’t have an up to date virusdatabase then you can get problems with your Connection if that’s the threats goal.

Also problems with your internet connection isen’t everything that you have to worry about these days…

and you hope you don’t get sick. Much like an AV database, you hope you don’t come across that one malware that’s not in your database. More updates decrease that risk. And like J_G said, how often is there a false positive…you make it sounds like there’s one every other database update.

Once a year is too often if it makes me waste several hours trying to find out what happened, and getting it fixed. But let’s say it’s once in a thousand times. That would be about once every three years with daily updates. With hourly updates, it would be closer to once a month, without even considering that more frequent updates are going to have less thorough checking, unless they hire a bunch of extra people for a product that is given away.

Look, this is a matter of preference, so we’re not going to convince each other. But I’d be willing to bet ten bucks that you get a LOT of negative feedback when you start doing hourly updates, even if you don’t have any bad updates.

I would just add a final note, that even Microsoft, which has some of the most annoying policies in the world, gives you the option to turn off automatic security updates for Windows, and let you download them when you feel like it. And when they came out with Vista and it offered “superior protection” that prompts you every time you move your mouse, not unlike Defense+ (which I also keep turned off), it was a huge flop.

And I will close this thread and PM the OP about this issue personally.