Turning off Antivirus doesn't really turn it off

I really like CCAV, using it for a couple of months now. What’s setting me off is the same behavior what I’ve experienced with several other antivirus products, is that it forcibly keeps itself on, regardless of your setting.

I’ve tried this with some malware/pirated software and the results are the same.

  • Antivirus ON
  • Sandbox ON

It blocks the malware/pirated content.

  • Antivirus OFF
  • Sandbox OFF

It still blocks the malware/pirated content.

I’d like to kindly ask you, what’s the meaning of those switches, if the antivirus behaves the same regardless of your personal setting.
Another thing what I’m really curious about, why pirated software is blocked by the antivirus at all, if it doesn’t contain any malicious code?

Thanks in advance!