Turn on proactive NOT losing own individual settings?

Salut to all!

About 5 years I use Comodo firewall on all PC’s of family (now 6). On one of them some years ago I choosed, while installing, the simple firewall option instead of proactive. Since that, of course, I have tonns of own settings - zones, rules, and so on. Now, if in profile manager I switch to proactive mode, all my settings will NOT set in that profile.

Is there any option to use the advanced security features of proactive mode, but not to lose own individual settings? Somehow turn on proactive without switching profile; or merge profiles; or somehow else?

Thank you in advance for help.

The only ways to take settings between configurations are copy/pasting in the registry (where the rules are stored) or more easy by copy/pasting between two exported configurations.

The exported configuration is an xml file and can be edited with any editor. This way you can copy/paste between configurations. Do keep in mind that different configurations may have different UID’s (User ID’s); you will need to adapt them as well in the process.

Thank you for quick and valuable answer - it seems to be not difficult.

At the same time I want to offer/request a “Merge profiles with one click” or “Turn on proactive in actual profile” feature in future editions.

For those, who want use the above method: be careful to keep original encoding of file!

You can make a post in the Wishlist with feature request ideas.