Turn on proactive in actual profile

Salut to all!

I offer/request a Turn on proactive in actual profile and Merge profiles with one click features in future editions.

Details: https://forums.comodo.com/firewall-help-cis/turn-on-proactive-not-losing-own-individual-settings-t75595.0.html

Please post in english. Because I’m Romanian, I understand you. But what about others?
Salut = Hi
Why you made two topics for the same idea? You can edit your old topic and create poll for it.

  1. English “language” is a pidgin language, and will more and more stupid from year to year. I do not want to follow this process regress. The “word” hi has NO logical origin and meaning. Let reduce some people in Harlem the whole english to about 100 short and stupid grumphs, and let say hollywood agressively, that we all must to speak this idiotism - it’s THEIR problem, not mine.

Fortunately I am hungarian, so I speak the oldiest, the original human language - the LAST logical language in the world. :smiley:

  1. On the original place offered HeffeD Global Moderator to write here.

(off-topic) Please stop this kind of posts: ‘‘pidgin language’’. Here we speak in english. If you want to post in Hungarian, please use international forum category.
On: Let’s talk about your suggestion. No more subject change.


The OP has been posting quite well in English.
Salut, is a very common, almost universally understood greeting.

It was you who took this off topic, by trying to correct people when no correction was necessary.
This is not the first time.
So I would ask you. Please stop these kinds of posts.
If the moderators feel a post/thread needs moderation, we will do so.
If you have issues with another regular member use the report to Moderator function.