Turn on/off for Advanced Security Features

Wouldn’t it be helpful to have a turn on/off button for ALL build in advanced security features? If you want to test/probe the ports or want to run a web based security checks in order to verify e.g. network rules, it could be very missleading if the results are very good, but caused by any features (e.g. probe rate limit or even hidden features) from the “advanced security”. This could hide incorrect firewall rule settings e.g. for the network. Very dangerous for beginners…like me!

I also detected meanwhile a little flaw in the latest version. There are sometimes pop ups for already existing application rules. After acknowledging the pop up for permanent, it creates a duplicate rule (with same parent etc.). After opening and closing (edit) the first (original) rule, the double disappears.

Just as a side note: adding a columne with the “parent” application to the application rules window would give much more overview! An editable “comment” or “name” columne for the network rules window would help to remember the settings intent.

Greetings from Austria!

Two excellent ideas - love the one about giving a plain English label to a rule!!!

Can you please post these in the Firewall Wishlist topic.

Thanks in advance
Ewen :slight_smile: