Turn off Windows 7 Firewall ?


Noticed Comodo doesn’t automatically turn off Windows 7 firewall. Should I manually turn it off in order to avoid conflicts or is it OK to leave it on? Haven’t noticed any problems so far having both of them on.

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Yes, you should turn off the windows firewall.

Be careful about turning Windows firewall off. An example : you connection supports ipv6, then you can’t rely on Comodo Firewall alone, because it won’t block unwanted ipv6 packets.
Another thing, if you want to disable network discovery, then you have to keep Windows firewall running.

Is there any way to test Firewall on IP6?

There is no equivalent of GRC for testing ipv6 I think.
But you can see all ipv6 packets blocked in the firewall journal.

Do you use CIS? Did you turn off Win Firewall?

In this particular case, I have to run both Comodo and Windows firewall, because I have ipv6 connection,
and only Windows firewall can block ipv6 traffic.

The other solution is to disable ipv6 support in your network card properties.
Still I think Comodo should add this feature as soon as possible, if someone has any information about

This will only disable IPv6 for the card. See this blog on how to disable completely.


Most people think that you disable IPv6 by simply unchecking the Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) checkbox, as shown above. This method disables IPv6 on the particular LAN interface and connection. For other network adapters or connections, users have to repeat the steps to disable IPv6. However, disabling IPv6 this way does not disable IPv6 on tunnel interfaces or the IPv6 loopback interface. It also must be done manually and cannot be instrumented or enforced using Group Policy

To completely disable IPv6 read this tutorial by ex moderator Toggie.

Thanks for the info!