turn off protection for a specific program

hello and thanks for reading this and thanks for a great free product that actually has a ‘paranoid’ setting, gotta love that :-TU

i used a backup program called secondcopy. i am copying a terabytye of files from one harddrive that is dying to a new one. there are a bunch of files that cis does not like and i get two popups, one popup for the source drive is read and then one popup when the dest. drive is written.
it is drving me crazy.
i have tried to ‘exclusions’ for anti-virus and ‘trusted’ by defense+, yet i still get popups.
ever since i installed the cis, cis will do that and until now i lived with it.
when i access/run a suspect file, sure i want cis to warn me but when i am just doing a backup, i do not want cis to monitor the backup program,
so how can i just make cis ignore the secondcopy program.
thanks again,

can you post a screenshot of the popups your getting

wasgij6, thanks much for taking the time to reply.
the program is called secondcopy.exe and i have been using it for over 10 years. never failed me yet for backups.
please see the attached.
the first screenshot is the anti-virus exclusions. to make it easier to read, i removed all the other entries.
the second screenshot is a typical ant-virus alert,

as a side comment, which you do not have to address now is: it is insane that the dialog is not capable of showing the full location, there are no scrollbars and so i really cannot make an informed decision. sure, i can open comodo and view the anti-virus log but by then the dialog will have timed out and thus too late to make a decesion.

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so its not secondcopy thats being detected have you tried adding the files CIS is detecting to the exclusions?

thanks for the reply,
perhaps i am confused but when adding an exlusion to the anti-virus engine, there is an option to add a running process, so it seemed to me that the point is to prevent popups for that application when it access a suspect file.
otherwise, why does cis offer an option to exluce a running application.

i do not want to have cis ignore entire harrdrive when doing backup.
my backups run at night and i cannot babysit the program.

but if i was to execute such a program, then i want a popup!

so when copying for a backup program, there should be no popups but when executing, i want popups.

the situation is much worse as i get 2 popups per file.

  1. copy from source to dest
    2 after the file is copied, the backup program compares the two files so that is more popups.


If you like you can report the file as a false positive here. That way Comodo can remove the detection (assuming it is a false positive).

what is a false positve?
secondcopy.exe is not a false positive else cis would display a specific popup when executing secondcopy.exe.

pehaps i do not understand cis but is the following a true statement or did i misread the manual as to what adding a running process as an exclusion to anti-virus does?

Hold your cursor over the file path.

If Exclusions and Trusted Files don’t seem to be helping, you could always give the application the Installer or Updater policy. That will allow it to do anything and everything it wants, without hindrance from Defense+.

A false positive is when an antivirus incorrectly flags a safe file as dangerous. Submitting it to be reanalyzed via the link I provided will allow them to fix the false positive so it will not be detected any more.

That’s what I do. When I run into those permission issues for an otherwise trusted app, I choose the 'treat this app as “TRUSTED” ’ , but do not check ‘remember this’. He goes away fat dumb and happy and does his thing.

As far as the virus alerts, those could be false positives. For the copy operation to continue just choose ‘ignore’ and one time. However, that being said, Comdodo will alert on that file again if you just navigate into that folder with Explorer. In that case the file needs to be excluded from virus scanning.