Turn off PC after the scan is complete

I think it would be nice to have an option ‘‘turn off PC after the scan is complete’’ in the AV sheduller.:slight_smile:


+2 :-TU


+4 lol

+5 I m giving this 5 stars as this will be amazing addition to CAV :-TU :a0

See my sample pic below.

If “automatically quarantine threats” is turned off when “shutdown computer after scanning” is turned on, perhaps CIS can open a window saying “Your computer will shut down when a scheduled scan is complete. Activating automatic quarantine will ensure that threats are quarantined before shutdown. Do you want to automatically quarantine threats during your scheduled scans?”

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depends on you;)

Not checked by default thou… =) Many people have computers running all days, if it suddenly closed they would think WTF… Could be very annoying if you are working with some stuff leaves the comp and BAM all work lost… =)

Also don’t people want to review the results?

I don’t really believe we need some scheduled restart In CIS. :-\ :-\ Specially not if there is the risk that a days work or similar can get lost… (I know people rarley saves documents and stuff while working with them… also late coffee breaks is not unusual… Or maby going to the bathroom, when they are back… BOOM black… computer closed… they come here complain… bla bla… mods get more work…)

Also Iam afraid this can clutter the menu more than it will add also the risk of it to seriously wreak the work for someone will always be there… =/ I vote against this… Since the risk of trouble is far to great… =/

+9 because this is 9th comments. ;D
Also should have Restart or Standby too.
And it should have a “Forced” operation.

+1 nice idea that will be benificial too

I have to see what to remove! :-TD

please mention: shutdown the computer after manual scaning not after shedule scaning (remove this option on shedule)

i would like to start a manual scan and go to bed

+1 I would like this option since i can leave my pc scanning while i am out or asleep. This shouldn’t be on by default.

My vote too for this :-TU

Should Be Considered As An “Must To Have” Option