Turing off the Firewall to just have HIPS only? [resolved]

Can the firewall element of this package be turned off just leaving the HIPS element like OA?
Have no need for a firewall as NAT’d behind a router with SPI hardware firewall and a HIPS package will more than do the job.

Just interested that’s all as using OA but if this is possible will switch to Comodo’s offering.

Thanks in advance all,


errr not sure why you wanna do that as CFP3 offers inbound/outbound protection,
but you can right click the CFP3 systray icon and disable the Firewall part :stuck_out_tongue:

With having a hardware firewall and HIPS installed there really isn’t a need for the firewall element of the package.
Any inbound/outbound traffic will be interrogated by the HIPS element and access granted/denied that way.

Thanks for the speedy response to the post, appreciated!


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