tuneup utilities

Hi Just wondering what others think of the tcp/ip & http tweaking features of this product esp 2009? Also would comodo entertain us with their own approach?

I can share my recent deal with it.

First of all, allow me to say that I do not remember messing with such tweaks, but my memory isn’t getting any new, so… :smiley:

So, I installed Tuneup Utilities, so that I could set the Start Menu Suspend button in Windows Vista to shutdown. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t do it in Control Panel. Somehow, the computer store guys messed with the installation. Anyway…
If I did or not mess with sucg tweaking settings, I just know that Internet Explorer and Firefox would come down to a crawl. I’m not sure if it did mess with IE and Firefox or just with the security tools, which in turn were messing with the speed of both browsers. It didn’t mess with Opera, as it doesn’t support version 10 Alpha.

Result? I had to reformat my system (the restore points created in TuneUp wouldn’t do a damn thing about it). I was needing anyway. Now I can even switch from Suspend to Shutdown in the Start Menu without needing extra tools for it. :slight_smile:

Just be carefull. That’s what I can say based on what happened with me.

Maybe others will say is great tool. I don’t doubt it is. It just forced me to format the system. Just because happened with me, won’t mean will happen with you.

Perhaps you could test it first within a virtual machine.

Best regards.

The tweaking is supposed to optimize speed tcp/ip (http opera) was just comparing it to TU2008. Anyway I got rid of it myself then a system restore. Just wondered if comodo could better it? Also I’m thinking about a erecovery on my acer just as soon as I put my photos on disc everything else can be overwritten.

I missed the Comodo part. Comodo has a tool that tweaks the system. Not sure if it does what you ask, but maybe you could take a look. https://forums.comodo.com/diskregistryprivacy_cleaner_and_total_system_utilities/comodo_system_cleaner_106009319_update_released-t32427.0.html

But be careful with CSC: even though it is not in a beta/RC, even this latest release has some bad bugs. So you may want to wait a bit before getting it.

Indeed maybe we should stop messing around with our systems! The occasional diskclean & defrag perhaps as my IE7 & opera 9.63 now takea bit of time to fully render webpages.

If you pay for Tune Up Utilities then your an idiot. Glary Utilities and Advanced System Care are both free. I myself use Advanced System Care. Has more options then Tune Up. Tune Up can Screw Up your machine. Take that from me.

Glary Utilities. :-TU


TU2008/2009 won’t hurt your connection, just tweak it for speed/bandwidth.
I use it. and had issues with Glary which is why I do use it.

If you buy tuneup your an ******! Hmm you can try these in full on trial by the way any product can have an adverse effect on your system. Myself I no longer choose to run tuneup not that it is my greatest problems for performance cfp2.4, boclean & ST are still deciding which goes. By the way people with too many opinions (I have more knowledge than you types) get too cocky & become what you stated period.