Trying to whitelist a website and having no joy

I use the free version of CIS.

I’m assuming that website filtering is taking place. I’m trying to access a friend’s blog post on

Had no problem reading her posts last week, but as of 3/24, I’m unable to go there. I get a security warning that says:

Warning: Unsafe Website Blocked!

This website has been blocked temporarily because of the following reason(s):
Hacking/Warez: Site may offer illegal sharing of copyrighted software or media

It has an option to ignore this warning and continue, but when I do, it just continues to give me the same warning and block the site. How do I unblock blogspot so I can read my friends’ blog posts (she’s not the only friend blogging on blogspot)?

I’ve tried setting up a webfilter rule, but it makes no difference. I’m frustrated to the point of wanting to uninstall a firewall I’ve used and trusted for years.

I get this, but it works ok if I switch off HTTPS Everywhere. Firefox with CIS 10 . . . . have you tried a different browser?

This is the full certificate error display

My browser is a FF derivative - PaleMoon. The url isn’t using https - just normal http.

The warning I get from CIS says nothing about invalid certificates - it’s blocking the entire There are other blogs I used to be able to see that I suddenly can’t, because they’re hosted on blogspot.

Just tried it on Chrome, and got same security warning I get on PaleMoon. I just hit “disregard this warning and continue” 20+ times, and it just keeps coming back to the warning. I would understand if it was being blocked due to malware/phishing. But it’s being blocked because SOME people use it for Warez. I don’t go to blogs that use it for Warez, and the blogs I go to DON"T use it for Warez, so why can’t I whitelist the site? And why can’t I “disregard and continue?”

Doesn’t “disregard and continue” mean “Yeah, I hear you, but I"m doing it anyway?” Then why continue to block me once I"ve said that?

I’m VERY disappointed, and actively seeking a different firewall solution, at this point.

I would think it’s to do with your particular configuration. I’m using Windows 10, CIS 10 in Proactive mode and also running CCAV (more as a trial than anything else) and I don’t have any problem accessing blogspot or any part of it

The only warning I get is from Firefox and the addons I’m using

Can you post a screenshot of the actual error you’re getting

Works for me. Perhaps it’s blocked by Comodo Secure DNS.

That does seem to be the culprit. I’ve completely uninstalled Comodo, and it’s STILL blocked by Comodo Secure DNS. Very, very frustrating

Thank you, Windsong, for mentioning Secure DNS. I’d forgotten that I had implemented that, all those years ago. Went back to my standard ISP’s DNS, and no more problems accessing the site. :-TU