Trying to use Comodo Firewall + Malwarebyte Anti-Malware + Avast

Hi, folks,

New forum member – pleased to meet you.

OK, here’s my dilemma: I’ve read about alternatives to Norton’s security system (which I really want to replace), and I read that what would offer good security is a combination of the FREE VERSIONS (for now!) of Comodo Firewall, Avast 5 - 7, and Malwarebytes.

So, I installed Malwarebytes and Comodo so far, and restarted the system. When it did restart and went back to the desktop, my system froze several times: once, when I clicked on the Comodo window that says certain applications on my PC were trying to access the internet, and then a couple of other times for other reasons. The ENTIRE PC froze, meaning that NO KEYBOARD combinations could unfreeze the screen; all I could do is a hard restart (on/off button), and start over.

I can guess what the issue is (too many security programs on at once, even though I didn’t want to delete anything until I had them installed). But I can see how that can ‘freak out’ my OS (Windows 7).

Is there a sequence/method to do this that provides the smoothest installation and function of these three programs (Comono+Malwarebytes+Avast)? In fact, is this an ideal combination of software to use/check out? Again, these are the free versions of the software.

Any help would be appreciated; I started to browse the forums for this exact issue, but so many pages(!), and I need to start a project by mid-afternoon (it’s now about 6:20 a.m. EST for me) Please and thanks!

I have Windows 8 x64 running Comodo cis 6 2708/Avast 8 Beta 8.0.1478/Malware Bytes On Demand all with no problems. When installed avast i did not install the behavior shield and have turned of the avast auto sandboxing. And in cis I installed Comodo Firewall,Silverlight and Dragon, and Killswitch. I did not install the comodo antivirus, geekbuddy or secure dns features.
And of course malwarebytes. My systems never freeze or aren’t slow I have this configuration on One AMD and One Intel running windows 8 x64. Zero problems