Trying to Install COMODO Free Anti-Virus...

I’m trying to add COMODO’s Free Anti-Virus to my installation of COMODO’s Free Firewall software, and the PC is having to be rebooted after every 1 or 2% of the install. How many times is it going to ask this? Does the PC really need to be rebooted 50+ times during a simple install? The install is at 32% and it’s already rebooted 20+ times. This will take forever.

Hi and welcome NC,
No reboot once only is normal.

Do not try to do a separate install to add the AV component, this will cause issues.
Follow the instructions below,
Switching Between Complete CIS Suite and Individual Components instructions

Thanks for the reply.

I apologize. It appears the error was mine.

Unfortunately, I saw that adding the AV to an existing install of the Firewall software wasn’t recommended here after the install of the AV was rebooting so often. So, I tried the “Change” option suggested prior to starting any additional install. However, this just came up with an error that it required the software to be installed. So, I then looked in Add/Remove Programs and saw no entry for Comodo Firewall, even though it had been working perfectly fine before deciding to use the CIS package. I assume starting the install of the AV installer caused this error.

So, I then downloaded the “Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products” file, and ran that in Safe Mode to try and get rid of the Firewall install completely. Everything appeared to run properly, with files being removed. I then rebooted, and the Comodo Firewall appeared to have been removed(no longer anything in System Tray).

I then ran CCleaner and another Registry cleaner that I trust to make sure any remnants that may have been left were removed. All seemed ok there.

Finally, I started the install of the CIS Premium and only one reboot was required, as you stated. It appears all is working properly now.

Thank you very much for the help. And thank you very much to all those involved in creating the Uninstaller Tool. I think that tool saved me.

You are welcome and no apology required, it is an easy common mistake.

I agree IMO the uninstaller tool has saved many.

Good to hear all appears fine now.