Trying to grab Comodo FW 3

I uninstalled CFW 3 because I found that cmdagent.exe was locking up my system during certain actions, and I was addvised that this would work.

Due a backup mistake, it was easier for me to redownload CFW 3 than reinstall from my older download.

However if I go to
Free Firewall - Download the Best Firewall Protection and Anti-Virus Scan Software from Comodo and hit the Download button, all it seems to do refresh the page, and says “Done”

I do have a download manager (DAP).Is there an issue with the download and download managers? It’s tough to test, because the button is not an actual link, so I can’t right click and Save.

I grabbed 2.4 for now.

Thanks for any help


Have a look here:

hmmm…OK. Thanks. Not a problem. Download underway. This seems to have be…I have too much time on my hands! Nasty trick with bit in your sig.


Not a problem :slight_smile:

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the link works for me ???
have you tried to clear your browser cache?

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Ganda your a bit too slow buddy ol’ pal. (:WAV) I already referred him to filehippo, it was because of his download manager.


Hah! Nasty trick, and relatively harmless (except to my comfort).