Trying to got an email certificate using vista home premium & IE7

Hi everyone (:WAV)

Can you please help me

What does this message mean I clicked on were it says click here and nothing happend (i did’nt see any security warning) I my os vista home premium I tried used IE7 to download my email Certificate

You need to authorize the “Microsoft Certificate Enrollment Control” to create a certificate request for you:
Click here to reload this webpage, then…
When you see a Security Warning popup, click Yes to install the “Microsoft Certificate Enrollment Control”.

What is Microsoft Certificate Enrollment Control and how do I authorize It

then I used Firefox to get my email certificare but get same message when trying to install it

Thanks (:WIN)

I have precisely the same problem and I am testing this in preparation for work people buying a bunch of certs. It’s painfully obvious to me that this has never been tested on Vista.

I tried adding the site to the trusted list. (nothing) Tried adding all ActiveX scripting options to allow everything. (nothing) Tried setting the IE security to Low. (nothing)

I even tried firefox which says it installed the cert but doesn not install it or save it to disk.

The cert does not appear in the registry either in the personal or other people store.

Thawte tries a different activeX control but it chokes and dies too.

Comodo email certificate now works with vista

Active X should be enabled on IE or you have to add as trust web site on IE browser options of trusted site.

If you have any problem in applying the certificate in Vista, please do let me know with exact error