Trying to get printer sharing to work with XP home......

I think it is a firewall issue between the router and Comodo firewall. Both machines are running Comodo firewall. And both are running XP home. How would I get this working? I enabled file and print sharing on the host pc. Also setup sharing under printer/faxes. I go to the lap top and try to add the printer. And it will not show up. I also noticed when installing the firewall a few weeks ago. The new network thing popped up and had a option to allow printer sharing. I did not select it though. Since I did not need it at the time. Now I do though.

I just went ahead and uninstalled Comodo firewall and reinstalled it. I selected printer sharing when the new network detection wizard popped up. It still does not work. Any help would be appreciated.

Have you been able to share printers before installing comodo? Or with the firewall set to disabled? You may need to run the windows network setup wizard.

Do you have Global Rules “allow all incoming requests if sender is in [your home network]” and similar for outgoing/target?