Trying to create a Firewall exclusion for a program with a changing path

Hi - I have an application installed that apparently changes its path every time it starts (Maybe for security/protection from attack).

So, the first time the program starts, it may have a path of: C:\Users\JoeBlow\AppData\Local\Temp\ocr53CA.tmp\bin\ExcludeThis.exe. The next time the same program starts, it may have a path of: C:\Users\JoeBlow\AppData\Local\Temp\p14R09q.tmp\bin\ExcludeThis.exe.

Is there a way to configure a Comodo exception to prevent pop-ups everytime I start ExcludeThis.exe?



Create an application rule for the application in the current path, then go to edit it and manually change the dynamic part of the path to an asterisk (*)

So C:\Users\JoeBlow\AppData\Local\Temp\ocr53CA.tmp\bin\ExcludeThis.exe becomes C:\Users\JoeBlow\AppData\Local\Temp*\bin\ExcludeThis.exe

Sorry for vague instructions, hard to type on cellphone.

Thanks, Sanya! The instructions were clear. That solved the problem!