Trying to Back up

v 2.01.108800.9 (phew)
Xp sp2

I want to back up a folder. So I

open CB.

Choose Files and Directories. As backup source (and the scrolling is somehow different from Win standard and a LOT SLOWER.

Choose a folder

Ask for Simple Copy.

Choose drive in Backup Destination.
Ask to create new Folder (or even nominate an existing folder)

Get told "Invalid file name. Please provide a valid file name.

Hi RealOldNick

I got caught on this the first time I used CB 2 as well. You must type a name for your backup. Then it will work.


An idea for the wishlist would be to default to the date/time of the backup for a file name unless the user inputs a name themselves.

OK. I see. Thanks for that. Yes some sort of individual default would be very useful.

Is there any way to stop CBU from saving the entire path? All I want is a simple folder with a backup underneath it. I get Drive_F\nickdocs\photos\2008\2009 Oct 03, then the files themselves. All I want is say, 2008 Oct 13.