trying to add a security certificate exception for

so GMail’s security certificate recently expired (it’s back up now though),
but I was allowed to add an exception so I could continue to the page…

I thought it was a good idea since GMail is one of the most trusted things on the web… :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways, in doing so, the URL now gets redirected to:
which of course doesn’t exist

how do I remove the exception??
I can’t seem to find these particular exceptions in CID’s settings… :confused:

Hi Tcll,
You should find your exceptions entry under the servers tab of the certificate manager.
Menu > Options > Advanced > Certificates > View Certificates > Servers

Kind regards.

ah, well that’s one minor issue out of the way, thanks :slight_smile:
wish I could up-vote your post and add to your reputation :wink:

but now the main issue… this is what was added via the “untrusted server” page:

These permanent exceptions marked with an ‘*’ under the server column appear to be pre-defined by the browser.
I have the same as shown in your screenshot.
You will find if you remove those entries, they will recreate next time you launch CID.

Edit: I do not have the entry that is listed at the top of your screenshot.
That may even be related to the redirection issue you were having.
Kind regards.

I was talking about the one I highlighted :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’d kinda figured that though… heh
but interesting fact about removing them :slight_smile:

Ah sorry, see my edit above. :slight_smile:


all that’s left to point out is…
you know the “Untrusted Server” page with the “Get me out of here” button…
that’s what added the entry. :slight_smile:

it should be
not, as I wasn’t on that page

A bit strange, but as long as all is well again.

Not sure if I still qualify now, with the minor confusion. :wink:
The only vote I need is a friendly two way chat and that occurred, thanks. :-TU
Edit: Spelling correction.


I’ll be a bit more informative next time it happens :wink:
this was my first time using that feature as an expanded portion of the page.

you may have noticed I’m using the GMail Notifier add-on…
well what happened was it was blue, telling me it desync’d, which does happen often. :wink:
but yea, when I clicked on it to resync my GMail page, I got the untrusted server page.

so that’s what lead to this… heh

Some wires crossed somewhere with the strange exception created, let us hope it was a once off glitch. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.