Trying out CRC (Live)!

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I think you will be impressed :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you mean exactly with this ??? killing 2 birds? huh ??? (:AGY)

never mind… I understand… Figured it out already… (:SHY)… my mistake…

yeah, and whose bird it is? (:AGY)
don’t worry triple-X. i’ll back you up >:(
bird killer >:(

ehm (:NRD) just be careful on that compact button. i’ve managed to compact & remove all “unsafe entries” without knowing what they are several some ppl got BSOD, good luck (:HUG)

Thank you for backing me up! like that! (:HUG)
^About compacting ^

I’m surprised Tripple x hasn’t used the force to clean his registry 88)

Yes! The force is a very powerful tool to clean out things you want to get rid off! (:WIN)

Thanks for trying it out…

if you think CRC is impressive then wait until you get CWT (Comodo Windows Tweaker… internal name at the moment) which will have all the file cleaning capability like ccleaner PLUS more (just like we provided a more powerful registry cleaner our file cleaning is going to be great too!) I will be playing with the special CEO edition of the CWT next week. I will report back :slight_smile:


Wow cool (:KWL)

Things are all comming out so fast!

Well… we did had to wait a looooonng time before the beta version CIS came out… 88), BUT it is worth it to wait! :BNC