Trustlogo, IE and Flash


I have been talking to your support department regarding an issue I am having with the trustlogo, in Internet Explorer, when the trustlogo hover popup is shown over the top of flash. The whole popup in this case has a completely screwy layout.
Now, I was told by the support department that this is an IE only issue and is to do with flash and layers, 99.9% of clients don’t have the problem, etc, which to me is not good enough, as this situation only occurs on the home page of some of our ecommerce sites (which use flash on the homepage), which to me then doesn’t appear all that trustworthy…
Please note that we are using the trustlogo as well as the corner of trust on the same pages, which should not have an impact.
Can I please get some advice on how to go from here?
If this is not going to be looked at at all, is it permissible to make a click to verify popup?


Please submit a ticket with the order detail, URL you are having this issue, we will investigate the issue and reply.

Hi Dean,
Thanks for the reply.

I opened a support ticket for this (EYI-909433) before posting.
The reason I posted is that I wasn’t happy with the answers from support, basically blaming IE and Flash and was hoping that others may have some input.
From my investigations, this is certainly a fixable issue, as I believe that there are several issues with the javascript, iframe and css.

Well, I guess no one is too interested in this issue. Doesn’t bode well for future dealings.