TrustLogo AND Hackerproof Logo


Is there an example similar to this file: for displaying the Hackerproof Logo and the Non-corner TrustLogo?

I feel like I am going crazy trying to get them both to appear. When I add them according to the standard directions is seems that the IdAuthority credentials are not validated for HackerProof. When I attempt something similar to the above example, the SSL TrustLogo will not appear (broken image link).

I have gone through the forum trying to find a similar issue, but was unsuccessful.

I’ve attached a sample template that should guide you.

Please make sure you are using the correct coverage id for your HackerProof installation.


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For my SSL TrustLogo I am using code generated from this form:

If I do not include the supplied code (from url above) into the head tags, then the image location is generated as :

If I do include the supplied code into the head tags, the Hackerproof Logo Disappears…

I am not using the corner-of-trust.

Our IT has the same problem and they said that it’s due to comodo are using the same type of java script function and therefore has conflicts.

They suggested if you seperate the java script codes for two, it should work okey.