Trustix page???

I guess this should go here. I had only used the CPF forum so that is why I had it first there…seems to be something with the access to the forums from the website…

I wondered if anyone else was seeing this page when going to what used the be the forums:

(j/k about putting the word “hijack” in the file name, sorry.)

[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes. While I can’t be certain when this site became accessible again, I was unable to reach it for several hours (± 12).

Trustix is not associated with Comodo!? What was that all about?


Yes I also saw this not sure what happened. Anyway, Trustix is assosciated with Comodo - they’re the same company.



Yes as Mike said, Trustix and Comodo, are indeed the same company. Some products they name under Trustix (mostly the business ones) and others they name under Comodo. Also I experienced this problem with the forums also, not sure why this happened but hopefully Melih or somebody else can shed some light on this.